Sam M Harley


Traffic Jam


Glasgow : Scotland


Biography : Sam M Harley is currently studying in her final year at The Glasgow School of Art studying Painting and Printmaking. She has also studied in Halifax, Canada at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Although she primarily works in paint and collage, she experiments with digital work. Harley has exhibited in group shows in Scotland, New York and Canada. Her practice revolves around everyday aesthetics, specifically defamiliarising the familiar.


Text to Introduce: Traffic Jam is a short animation that represents the repetition of everyday life. The same six bulldog clips rush around the frame, rotating, sliding and spinning. These small mundane objects are usually seen as disposable and unimportant. Yet there is something about their simplicity and humble appearance that make them so interesting and appealing. The overlooked has now been given importance and the attention it deserves. The colours have been inverted to juxtapose the quotidian of everyday life and to make something that is considered boring, more exciting and fun. This forces the known into a state of mystery. The clips never touch and end in the same position as they started which is another direct reference to the daily routine.