Like everyone the CutLog group has been struggling with personal and work related crises and difficulties, as well as facing up to the closure of all arts venues and the re-structuring of organisations. This has meant that we have had to put our plans for the coming year, for developing touring screenings, on hold for the forseeable future.


We are however still looking at plans for a further Open Call for a screening at the SSA Open exhibition of 2021-22.


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"dedicated to offering fair opportunities through open call selection."






The Society of Scottish Artists in collaboration with CutLog Artists Moving Image announce a unique opportunity for artists to present moving image works.


With a shared vision to provide an accessible platform for artist moving image, the SSA and CutLog invite artists from across the world to enter their work to be considered for inclusion in a showcase screening as part of the SSA's Annual Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh from 22 December 2019–30 January 2020.


The exhibition, OPEN SSA+VAS, is presented in partnership with Visual Arts Scotland and will be the largest exhibition of contemporary art and craft to be held in Scotland this year giving an audience of over 30,000 people the opportunity to discover and enjoy artworks across all mediums. The exhibition is produced and supported entirely by artists with no public funding.


Within the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy galleries, a dedicated screening gallery will host a program of single-screen works selected through an anonymous, open submission process. Artists at all stages of their career and from anywhere in the world are invited to enter. All works will be viewed and selected by a panel of practicing artists and moving image makers.


We are looking for video or digitised film suitable for single-screen projection. Works should be no longer than 20 minutes. There is no theme, however, we are keen to utilise this opportunity to discover the variety of ways in which artists are exploring and developing their ideas through this medium. Artists should be aware that we have an unrestricted family audience, and artists must take responsibility for all copyright and licensing of each work submitted.


Open for Entry: Thursday 20 June 2019

Deadline: Monday 5 August 2019


Further details and a link to enter can be found at the SSA website

Members of SSA enter free

Non-members pay £5 per entry up to a maximum of 3 entries.

Membership is open to all artists who can join online at

Members can also apply in full to other open calls as usual.


You are required to have an online copy of the work available for viewing preferably on Vimeo or Youtube. You will need to submit an URL for the work and the password if one is in place. As part of the submission process you will need to provide a JPEG image and supporting text.


The final selected works should ideally be presented to us as QuickTime movie at H.264 codec (25 frames per second). We will discuss the possibility of other options where the above is difficult.


PLEASE NOTE If you wish to submit a video that is part of a gallery installation please apply separately through the INSTALLATION, PROPOSALS AND PERFORMANCE SUBMISSION.


The pre-selection results will be available at the submission website from Tuesday 3 September 2019.

The Society of Scottish Artists is an artist-led membership organisation founded in 1851. It is a vibrant network of over 1000 artist members and is governed by an elected president and council. The SSA today continues in the spirit of its founders, to show the controversial and the unexpected and to promote new artists of promise through its Annual Exhibition in Edinburgh and satellite exhibitions, events and artists residencies across the world. Exhibitions and events are supported entirely by artists with no public funding.


The Society of Scottish Artists has long aimed to represent adventurous work from Scotland and further afield with exhibitions including the work of the Post Impressionists, Gauguin, Cezanne, Matisse and Van Gogh in 1913. In 1922 the Society presented work by Picasso, Daumier, Degas and Forain. In 1931, the Society showed, for the first time in the UK, twelve canvases by the then highly controversial Edvard Munch who went on to become a member of the Society.


Central to the 2015 Annual Exhibition was the work of SSA member Graham Fagen, in concurrence with his Scotland + Venice Biennale show and in 2016, Bettina Hutschenk, who represented Malta at the Venice Biennale 2017.


The SSA has an ongoing desire to reach out to new audiences by giving prominence to digital culture and new technology. An ongoing partnership with New Media Scotland supports the creation and development of new artwork, exploring interactive practice and challenging the idea of what new media creativity can be.