Gair Dunlop and Lucy Smith (Scotland)    Europe Endless



Tradition and contemporary minimalism meet in an elegy for a fantasy of Europe.
 Gair Dunlop, Lucy Smith and a team of volunteers from around Europe and across all age groups combine the ancient skill of handbell ringing with Kraftwerk's ambiguous hymn to "Europe Endless."

"Bell ringing is all about performance and communication within a landscape, marking a human settlement through sound and the rhythm of the church, culture and seasonal year."

Bells in the landscape are powerfully evocative; of celebration, mourning or warning. This work exists in three versions. This studio version, a live performance to camera in the ruins of Balmerino Abbey, and as a Brexit cleansing ceremony at DJCAD.



Gair Dunlop is an artist teacher and researcher at DJCAD, Dundee.

He is interested in the imaginary lives we lead in relation to community, nature and technology. Website:

Lucy Smith is an expert in education and music, currently undertaking a PhD in the communication of complex mathematical ideas in sculpture. The harmonies of bell performances are a key aspect of her work. Website: