Lada Wilson in collaboration with Julia Zinnbauer (Scotland)    Multi – multi – multi – La – da – da



This work was inspired by my fascination with the contrast between the apparent simplicity of the natural world and the endless, complex structures made by people and their symbolism. Also, by imagining myself as a “pilgrim on a road to meaning”, in this performance, I bring in the sounds of the different countries I have lived in and experienced along that road. When moving from one country to another in the past, I could take few possessions – only a few things that were constantly on the move with me. One of them was not a physical object: it was the languages of those countries, like memories, engrained in my brain. In the work, I move continuously towards a point that might, in the end, be simply a space to play with bubbles.



Biography of main artist ( or collaboration)

Lada Wilson is an artist, curator and educator. Wilson gained an MFA Art, Society & Publics at the University of Dundee in 2014. In her practice, Wilson reflects on the environment she finds herself in, including people and their languages and culture. Past projects include exhibitions in Seto City, Japan (2019) and the Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther (2019) and a performance at Carnegie Hall, New York (2018). In 2017, Wilson collaborated with Nigerian performance artist Jelili Atiku at the Venice Biennale. Wilson currently lives and works in Scotland where she runs a small contemporary art gallery – in a disused telephone box. That gallery brought Wilson and Zinnbauer together. Julia Zinnbauer is an artist based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Her work focuses on her love for architecture, fashion and language. Wilson and Zinnbauer developed this collaborative work on a residency at the Merz Gallery in Sanquhar in the summer of 2020.