Fiona Robertson (Glasgow)   The Cook, the Cupboard, and Joan of Arc



A dreamlike product of the long lockdown, ‘The cook, the cupboard and Joan of Arc’ draws on the tableau vivant of early renaissance painters and the films of second wave feminist performers to create a commentary on the dislocation and absurdity of quarantined life. A figure in apron and helmet moves through a confined, artificial space: watched by an array of sculptures, and tattered, distorted film stills from Carl Theodor Dreyer's Joan of Arc (1928), she carries out increasingly deranged parodies of domestic acts. The confined space and the repetition of the figures actions works to illustrate the new and absurd temporalities generated by the collapse of our everyday life. But ‘Cupboard’ also critiques the ordinary performance of those gendered, anthropocentric, forms of life, as the artificial ecology of the main setting is intermixed with shots of a mysterious bunker.

Fiona Robertson is an Artist based in Glasgow. She has been a Lecturer in the Painting and Printmaking Department at the Glasgow School of Art since the late 1990’s.  Fiona works over a range of media, much of her work is rooted in drawing. She has been working with video over the last ten years and has exhibited both nationally and internationally .Recent exhibitions and projects include, “Beggars Teeth”  'Sharing A View. Contemporary Art from Glasgow' (2020/21) Luxun Academy of Fine Art, China.


Filmography: Paraphernalia (2010), fallingame (4min 58sec 2013) and Green Head (6mins 20sec 2014) which premiered at the International Competition at Oberhausen Short Film Festival, 2015.VENTILATOR (2017) premiered at Go Short in the European Competition in April 2017.